Sunday, August 22, 2010


The garden has gotten a little out of control. Maybe it's the crazy weather we've been having, or maybe it's like this every August. Either way, right now there are a lot of tomatoes.

Starting a few years back, Dave chose the Siberian tomato variety from the Friend's School Plant Sale. It's a unique little tomato, producing in just under 7 weeks tomatoes that are a little smaller than a baseball, perfect for canning and making into sauce. We've grown the same variety each year, with others on the side.

This year we've got a high yield from some little yellow plums and yellow pears. They made a delicious pizza sauce last week and tasted a little squash-y.

This week, we've been able to fill the sink with tomatoes on a daily basis, and they literally fall out of the fridge when you open it. Each night the kids go to sleep to the smell of tomatoes boiling in the kitchen, and so far Dave has put up at least 15 pints of sauce.

There's tomatoes in the freezer, and this week we're eating chili, tomato soup, pasta with tomato sauce and pizza.

Of course, every time it seems like we're making progress - we only need to step out the back door:

There's plenty more where that came from!