Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The Como Zoo polar bears have been on vacation while their home was redesigned this past year. The polar bears used to be one of our favorite exhibits (back before we had kids) so we've been eagerly awaiting their return.

Unfortunately, so has everyone else in the twin cities. On our trip to see the polar bears this summer, we didn't realize that they keep the bears behind the scenes for the first half hour the zoo is open. Our attempt to get their early and beat the crowd didn't exactly work.

Come to think of it, plans like that never really work. We milled around and got to see some of the other animals. I did get the kids to sit on the baby giraffe sculpture, which I've always found sort of terrifying. They didn't seem to mind too much, though they don't look thrilled in the photo.

Finally enough folks cleared out that we could get a good look at the bears.

We'll have to visit them again this winter, when there's fewer zoo visitors and the bears are more interested in playing in the snow.