Saturday, August 28, 2010


Look who's getting so big!

Miss Nova is 14 months old, and is a world of trouble. She walks, she climbs, she throws caution to the wind!

She's mostly given up her affection for food, showing many signs of pickiness. Apparently eating with Gus has it's consequences.

She loves her big brother (and all his favorite toys), and is delighted to follow him everywhere. She gives kisses and hugs - with back patting - and likes to wiggle when you ask her to "dance." She sings and hums along with music, and is constantly pulling records off the shelf and asking for them to be played.

She made her first sign language sign this week, and can now ask for "more" with aplomb. She delights in new people and new things, and loves going on morning adventures with her Poppa. Nova's adoration for animals is remarkable (considering that ours won't go near her), but friends' dogs let her give all the pats she wants, and if she's lucky they'll sit still long enough for her to get a good hug in.

Nova surprises us with both her stubbornness and her joy. When she's not getting new molars, she rises in the morning with a smile on her face and keeps going all day like the Energizer bunny. She's absolutely unique, and her personality is emerging more and more. She is a goofy, happy, loving little girl, and we thinks she's pretty special.