Thursday, August 26, 2010


Dave and I have a system worked out where one of us gets to sleep in almost every day. When the kids rise at the crack of dawn, one of us gets up and feeds them breakfast, and the other gets to go back to sleep (until 8. Which never in my life would have been sleeping in, but my definition has now changed).

This way, when the kids get up at 4:30 or 5:00 you can grumble, but you know that the next day is your sleep in day and it all balances in the end. The schedule gets thrown off from time to time, but it's been working for at least 8 months. We may not be sleeping through the night, but every other day one of us gets an extra two hours.

All that's to say this: some mornings are really fun. If they've managed to sleep to 6:30, they're a ton of fun to spend time with in the morning. Usually no hitting, whining, or crying - just playing and being good. Once the sun comes up, the coffee is made, and the kids have been fed, they're really well behaved for that two hours.

Maybe the best part of the day. Except for those days when they get up at 4....