Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today is Gus's first day of preschool. If there is a better looking 3 year old in the entire world, I have not met him. Seriously, look at this boy:

"NOOOO, don't take a picture, it's time to go to SCHOOOOOOOL!!!"

All told, it was pretty uneventful. We went in, hung up his Darth Vadar backpack in his cubby, went over to the table with the name tags. He was nervous, and couldn't find the one that started with the letter G. Teacher Jakki helped him.

He went right for the toys, but teacher Mary asked him to pick a book and sit on the rug. Which he did. When I left, there he was: sitting quietly on the rug, completely engrossed. Hardly a wave goodbye - his sister was really the upset one (since she didn't get to stay).

I was sadder than expected. I've left him at babysitting rooms, ECFE classes, with baby sitters, and he's been away from us overnight at least a half a dozen times. But this was different. The hippie in me reared up a little bit, thinking "this is day one of 15 years in an education system that will ultimately fail him and leave him ill prepared for the world."

The real thing, though, was that Dave and I are the most important people in his life. And while he's only 3, that's the way it's always been. There's never been an adult whose word he values more or who he looked up to more than his Momma & Poppa. I love his teachers, I think they will do a fantastic job, but a part of me is just a little sad that pretty soon we won't be number 1 and number 2 any more. We won't get to meet his friends when he does, we don't get to be there for every conversation and interaction, ever time he learns something new. It's a good thing, I know that. He's a smart kid and he's going to love preschool. This next adventure is going to be super fun.


Catherine said...

Oh Momma, been there! You summed up exactly how I felt when Jackson started preschool. And now--gasp--he's off to Kindergarten tomorrow! Talk about heavy feelings for momma...today is his last day of...little kid-ness! Full day K 5 days a week starting tomorrow. Excited and...nervous? Wow! So fun though. Yay Big Boy Gus! (And my baby goes off to preschool in two weeks, so I get a double dose of it this year!)