Monday, August 8, 2011


I realize I am a little behind on posting - I will try to get you up to date!

A few weeks ago I took the monsters with me to Fargo for a family wedding.

Nova was super excited for the drive - she even packed her own bag!

Gus did this for most of the drive

And was pretty ecstatic that the happy meal toy was a LIGHT SABER!

Please note - this was the first last and ONLY time I will take my kids to a McDonalds Play Place. It was conviently right off the highway and had the afore mentioned light sabers. Unfortunately Miss Nova climbed right to the top of the thing and could not find her way down. Gus tried to be helpful but could not find her - so I got to climb into it and help her out. Not exactly a banner day - but the sabers certainly helped.