Monday, November 15, 2010


You may think that because we own a record store, that we play records for the kids all the time. We do, but not the records you'd think. More often than not we're playing music in the house, and the kids enjoy dancing and singing. Gus particularly likes anything that has a harmonica on it. Once again the other day after Nova copied exactly what Gus was doing, we played "Monkey See, Monkey Do" for them, which is on the soundtrack to "Every Which Way But Loose."

Since then, Nova has walked around saying "Monkey do, Monkey do" and dancing even when it's not playing.

Yesterday day was the first time we thought to pull out all the Sesame Street records. We've been collecting these for a long time, since before we bought the store, thinking they'd be fun for when the kids were older. Turns out they're tons of fun now, too.

Here's Gus listening (but with his head down)

While they were listening, Nova pointed to Burt on this record cover and said "silly!" Seems like she enjoyed herself too.

We'll have to play the rest of the kids' records again soon!