Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I do not consider myself a terribly creative person. I can't draw anything, attempts to make things out of cardboard and fabric are more often then not a complete failure. This, however, was a total success.

Buzz Lightyear wings!

20 minutes of cardboard cutting, Sharpie coloring, and duct taping, and boom! Gus is Buzz Lightyear!

One of my favorite things about 2 year old Gus is that he honestly doesn't care that this doesn't look real. So long as you say "I'm going to make you Buzz Lightyear wings (or a Batman costume" that's all the belief he needs. From there on, it's pure imagination.

These could be way better, I'm sure. Or here, I could go and buy him THIS. The truth is, though, this works just as well.

He hasn't taken them off yet, and he got angry when he had to take them off to nap. To infinity, and beyond!