Saturday, April 17, 2010


I braved the Minnesota Zoo with both kids today, and it was totally worth it. The stroller was unfortunately still wet from our recent rain storm, so we went without. My monsters were wonderful. Here's two of my favorite pictures:

They loved the reef. The relationship between Gus & Nova has totally bloomed in the last month. While he still whomps her from time to time, more often he's knocking her over with a hug. She adores him right back, and I love how gentle Gus can be with her - asking if she's okay, telling her she's pretty, or in this case - not to be afraid of the fish and sharks. The irony of course was that she was banging on the glass with glee, and he was backing away, grabbing my hand when a shark would swim near.

It was a cloudy day, so we had stretches of the zoo to ourselves. We haven't tried a hike or a camping trip with both kids, but letting Gus run ahead down the path today gave me a glimpse of how much fun we're going to have in the future. I know I sound like a broken record (ha!) but he's getting so big!