Friday, July 4, 2008


August, Irene and I set out for the park this morning so Momma could take a nap. There are three parks in our neighborhood and I thought we might visit each.

The sun was beating down on us already.

A.P. was still awake when we got to the playground at Anne Sullivan School. Irene ran through it and sniffed at the woods on the north side. Then we walked along the Greenway to Brackett Field.

In this picture you can see the Greenway at the top of the hill across the field. August was getting sleepy by now - its very sunny on the Greenway and the stroller ride is very smooth.

Brackett Field has this sweet tunnel which runs under the Greenway into the neighborhood to its north. Irene enjoyed the cool breeze inside the tunnel but August was asleep.

This rocketship at the southwest corner of Brackett Field was once a massive piece of playground equipment down in Linden Hills Park, before it was deemed unsafe. Paul and I used to climb it. You can see the little holes on each floor where one could climb a ladder up to the next level. Now it has been given a gaudy paint job and sealed off, and is cabled up as "art".
No more, says Irene, after we leave the rocketship. Its time to go home. I guess we will have to walk up to Matthews Park another day.

This little pink house on our way home from the park has the most magnificent flower gardens.

And then we are finally home to our own gardens!


Russ Roque said...

Lovely story. More please. I bet your gardens are the most magnificent.