Tuesday, April 15, 2008


There's been a lot of discussion about what color August's eyes will settle on. People have always said things to me about my bright blue eyes. The same for Paul. I'd really like it if he had eyes like Paul and I (so long as he has his Momma's beautiful smile!) because I'm so often thinking of Paul when I am holding Gus.

Laura once told me she was surprised when she first met Paul (it was at Value Village) that he was so handsome. I think it was his bright blue eyes. I can already see that sparkle in Gus' eyes.

We went to Northern Sun and bought a few patches for Gus' onesies. Laura has been sewing them on. Concluding my reminiscing about Paul's blue eyes, I remember that I was once showing him my new tile saw and he gave me a hard time for now wearing eye protectors. He told me our blue eyes were the best thing we'd been given in life, and I should take care of them. I guess we'll just have to wait and see about Gus' eyes. I know there's some people still holding out for the pretty brown eyes his Grandfather and Uncle Andy have.