Tuesday, April 29, 2008


*Yawn* Gus sits with his Momma at the breakfast table, which is one of the brightest spots in the house.

Laura made a little Dead onesie for Gus, so now I'll sing "Eyes of the World" to him.

This one Emily made for Juna Bea and shared with us, and its one of my favorites. That Gus is a real clotheshorse. He's such a lucky little guy ... Today he gets to go to the grocery store dumpster to find a box for all the clothes he's outgrown. Who knows what tomorrow holds!

Last night we were sleepy but Momma was wide awake.


Momma said...

The two of you sleeping there in that last photo is so adorable! You two are quite a team.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered this blog yesterday. Thank you for posting pictures and such; it helps us stay in touch (even if it's kind of one-sided).

Sleep tight, Dave and Gus.\