Saturday, April 9, 2011


Yesterday two little monsters accompanied me to City Hall to pick up the Mayor's official proclamation. It was a long walking adventure because Nova refuses to be pushed in any sort of rolling device, be it stroller, wagon, or bike trailer. We walked from our house to the light rail, rode the light rail, walked into and around city hall (the pick-up only took 2 minutes, but Gus and Nova loved the long tiled halls so much and the huge granite entryway so much that we spent half an hour climbing steps and running around).

It's so fun to take the kids into the "grown up" world - so many folks work in offices all day are delighted to see kids running around and always stop to say hi and talk. Gus has developed a stranger radar - if he feels shy and doesn't want to say anything he looks to me and says "Why is that stranger talking to us?" It's often embarrassing, but for the most part he gets away with it because he's adorable. If only the rest of life were that easy.

From there we played outside the government center for awhile, then back to the light rail. We hopped on a bus on Lake Street to take us down to the record store and deliver the proclamation to Poppa so he could hang it on the wall. We walked the 11 blocks home with a few stops on the way. By the time naptime came, I had two very sleepy little ones.

I wish I had more photos to share, but the camera has been the last thing on my mind as we've been playing outside, putting up the tent, uncovering the garden beds, and of course - planning a huge event next weekend. Combined with starting a new job last week, things at casa de monster have been extremely busy.

I'll keep putting updates here, but there's another blog you can follow too: for more exciting happenings. Hopefully we'll get some coverage in the local news in the coming week. We've got our fingers crossed!