Wednesday, March 2, 2011


We have big news! Gus & Nova have moved into the same room! No no no - before you ask - we are NOT having a third baby. NO. But! We're excited that these two monsters want to share a room. We may have a 4 bedroom house, but two of the bedrooms are rather small. Moving Nova in with her brother means we have more space to play! The duplos have already relocated to the new "play room" and more toys will be moving soon.

We're hoping that sleeping in the same room with each other will help them both sleep through the night. It's made bedtime a lot easier for us, and they seem really happy with it. Some of my favorite memories of my childhood are from sharing a room with my sister, and I think poppa would say the same of sharing a room with Uncle Paul. In no time our little monsters will be sharing their secrets in the dark. Yay!