Sunday, October 24, 2010


Last weekend, Nikki and Andy took us and the kids to Deardorf Orchard in Waconia, MN. It was the last day of their season, and we had a wonderful time. Gus (Batman) met the barn cat and loved him.

You wouldn't know this unless you spend a lot of time at our house, but Gus loves to have long discussions with our cats. I think he appreciates that they will sit silently and listen to him talk, unlike anyone else in the family. This cat was no exception. Gus gave him the lowdown on his Halloween costume, and talked to him all the way up the drive.

There were other animals, too. Nova met a sheep. That's good, because she just learned to say "baa!"

There was a very tall llama.

And a goat with floppy ears.

Gus checked out the horse pasture, but the horse was too far away to hold up his end of the conversation.

There was also two beautiful black labs. Irene won't sit still for petting by Gus and Nova, so this dog was a real change for them. Look at Nova's face in this photo: pure joy.

She gave this dog 8 million hugs, and he just sat down for it all. What a sweetheart.

Before we left for the day, we were pulled by the tractor around the orchard to see where the apples and the grapes are grown.

The kids liked the tractor ride a lot.

Thanks for such a fun day, Andy & Nikki!