Friday, September 3, 2010


As you may remember, we recently introduced Gus to the world of Star Wars. It started with the toys, and the handful of things we had around the house. It followed that we let him watch the movie, and Dave pulled some of his old paperbacks and comic books off the shelf. I don't think we could have predicted what happened next.

Gus loves Star Wars. LOVES. It has taken the place of dinosaurs in his heart. He no longer wants to talk, think, or read about anything else. All Star Wars, all the time. Nana gave him some of the toys that belonged to Paul & Dave when they were kids, and now he is in heaven.

He talks, thinks, and breathes STAR WARS! He plays pretend, comes up with new plot lines, carries the action figures everywhere. After we read him the Empire Strikes Back book, he went around for days hanging the Luke figure off of things saying "Ben! Help!" It's adorable and hilarious, and the only down side is that he now wants to play light sabers - carrying a stick around and challenging other kids to a duel.

When he wakes up in the morning he sneaks downstairs to play with the Millenium Falcon before his sister wakes up, and wherever we go he has to have a storm trooper with him. It's his new favorite thing, and it's fun for Dave and I to share his affection with him (particularly Dave!)


Steve said...

I was just like that, and Dave was pretty like that too. The old comic books of the films were great! Also, if you can find a record or tape to match a read-a-long book, those were cool.

Does he have Chewbacca yet?